Credit worthiness can be one of the single most impactful tools that people can use to improve their quality of life. A low credit score, in the long run, can make you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and depending on your situation, millions over the course of your life.

How? Let’s start with some of the things you might have to give up. For instance: Let’s say you want to move to a nice house or condominium located inside a community. Most of these communities these days require a minimum of a 630 credit score. If you fall below, you will likely be declined. In addition, should you need a short term loan to make it through some rough times or even start a business, the door might be closed if you don’t meet a minimum score requirement. More recently, some national banks started declining new checking accounts due to low or no credit score. If the trend continues, how are you going to operate in an increasingly digital world?

How about the things you’ll pay more for? Consider your car insurance cost, electricity & phone companies asking for deposits, credit card, auto, mortgage and the long list goes on and on.

The question now is: What are you going to do? Are you going to let a number take all the amazing things you can enjoy today away and settle for much less while you pay ridiculous interests, or are you going to take action and change that number now?

If your answer was ‘take action’, keep reading.

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