Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tradeline and how does it work?
In simple terms, a tradeline is a credit line or an account on your credit report. All of your credit cards are tradelines, your car loan is a tradeline and so is your mortgage. For the purpose of improving your credit score quickly, we add you as an authorized user to a credit card tradeline with perfect credit history. As an authorized user, you will not be responsible for payments to the card, but you will benefit from the tradeline’s perfect history on your credit report.
How long will the tradeline be a part of my credit score?
You will be able to see the tradeline/s on your credit report for at least sixty days, two posting cycles. You can always extend the tradeline by notifying us within 30 days. Once the tradeline has expired, the account will remain on your credit score as terminated authorized user. This is a permanent benefit as the presence of the tradeline will give your credit score a permanent look of stability.
How much increase will I get?
It depends on your own situation. A rule of thumb to boost your credit score is to choose tradelines with high limit and long history. However, this might not be the case for everyone due to different circumstances. Once we have a chance to review your credit, we’ll be able to provide you with the quickest way to improve your credit score.
How will this help me and how can I boost my credit score?
The advantages of a new and improved credit score are many, and they have a profound effect on your quality of life. You can qualify for loans that previously were out of reach, you can secure better interest rates, maybe move to a better community, land the job you always wanted, avoid down payments, and the list goes on and on. Over the years, this can amount to a huge loss of money and potential. Stop waiting and get your tradelines today.
Once my tradeline expires, how will my credit score be affected?
When the tradelines expire, your credit score will show them as a closed accounts. Closed accounts are still beneficial to your credit score as long as they are positive accounts. The best impact is of course when you have an active positive tradeline on your credit score. Your credit score may go down a bit when the account closes, but it would still have a permanent improvement. Your credit score will never go as low as it was before you bought tradelines.
Will I get a card?
No. The tradeline will show on your credit report, but you will not receive a card.
Is It Legal?
The main concern that arises when something looks easy and related to money is: IS IT LEGAL? It is definitely a topic that has attracted much debate with The Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Trade Commission, various law firms and the Attorney General’s offices. The process of adding tradelines to credit report is completely legal, no matter how debated it may be to add tradelines for credit boost. This process is under the Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Yes, one hundred percent legal. Frank Dorman, the FTC spokesperson was famously quoted saying; ‘what I have gathered from attorneys here is that it is legal”.


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