Join our team of suppliers & make as much as $400-$1,200 + per month while helping others realize their dreams

  • Minimal work on your part required
  • NO financial investment required

If you have good credit – This can now make a ton of money for you. It’s 100% legal and it’s called selling tradelines.

Selling tradelines is the quickest & easiest way to make extra cash

without doing any actual work

A tradeline is what banks call a line of credit. Your credit card is a tradeline. For every credit card that you have, there is a list of Authorized Users.

Of course you’re an authorized user of the card, but here’s where YOUR good credit comes in:

To make money selling tradelines to tradeline companies like ours, all you have to do is add someone as an Authorized User and your unblemished payment history will be added to their credit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you allow someone to be an authorized user as a way to make money selling tradelines, the person you add as an Authorized User

  • Will NOT have access to your actual credit card
  • Will NOT know your name, or personal information
  • Will NOT receive a card to make charges
  • Will NOT have any contact with you or pose any kind of personal or financial risk to you

You see, there are thousands of people across the nation with no credit or low credit who need a little help in establishing or boosting their credit score. By selling your tradeline via Authorized Users, you’ll not only make money, but you’ll help the person you add as an Authorized User achieve their dreams by increasing their chances of being approved for a home loan, new car, personal and or business loan.

It takes just 4 simple steps….

Purchase an authorized user tradeline or multiple authorized user tradelines to get the benefits of a higher credit score.

Step 1: You sign up with us to sell your tradeline (meaning you’ll simply add an individual as an Authorized User) to one of your tradelines/credit cards. Remember, the person doesn’t actually receive a credit card, so they have no access or ability to make any charges to your credit card.

Step 2: We place the tradeline for sale on our website (your identity is never disclosed).

Step 3: Someone buys the tradeline.

Step 4: We pay you!

But the best part about it is that if you have multiple tradelines in which you want to make money from by adding an Authorized User to credit card, we’ll pay you for those too!

Keep in mind that with many tradelines or credit cards, you can add several Authorized Users in addition to yourself, so the amount of money you can make can be from several hundred dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month in extra income.

For example, let’s say someone purchases your tradeline that you put for sale through us. And we pay you $200 for adding that person as an Authorized User for a set time limit of two statement cycles. Then, a second person purchases your tradeline and we pay you another $200 just to add that person. Your total pay is $400 for doing literally no physical work. Just imagine if you sold multiple tradelines. The money you make can add up FAST!

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